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AS Veikand is selling materials, additives and equipment for Estonian food industries.

The key sales articles are sausage casings, thermoshrinking and vacuumbags, flexible and rigid films, spices and spice blends, starches, starter cultures, stabilizers, flavours, food-industry equipment and technology solutions. We represent manufacturers like Kalle Nalo, CDS, Danisco, Atlantis-Pak, Bemis, Cargill, Kerry, KMC, Seydelmann, Maja, Raps, Firmenich and many others. We are also selling and servicing new and used equipment for meat and dairy industries.


  • Design
  • Printing
  • Gofreiting
  • Service and maintenance

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Andrus Sonts


Our company's long history, good relationship with our partners and our team make the foundation we can rely on.

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