Natural casings

Animal or so called natural casings are the most used sausage casings. In barbeque sausages and frankfurter production are natural casings irreplaceable. 

Sheep casings have got the finest calibre and those are used mainly in delicacy products production. Most used calibres are in between 16- 24 mm.

Hog casings have traditionally been used in blood sausage production. In Estonia are used calibres 28- 38 mm, most popular calibre is 32/ 34.

Beef hog casings is mostly used in caps.

AS Veikand represents in Estonia Gremany company CDS Hackner products.

As news CDS Hackner has brought to market SilberPfeil® NonStop hog casings. This is soft hog casing that is tubed on web strip and it's lenght is 18 m. This enables to increase productivity up to 30%. Hog casing lengh is attained thanks to special patented technology, during which two hog casings are "brazed" strongly to each other. Hog casings are delivered in vacuum package and freezed. After melting is the shelf life 3 months. Look at the video of using SilberPfeil® NonStop here.