AS Veikand is official distributor of famous german producer RAPS Gmbh CO and KG. Founded 1924.a. in Hamburg by apotheker Aadalbert Raps, company has taken leading position in the world. At present RAPS employs more than 600 employees in their 25,000 m² headquarter in Kulmbach, Bavaria. RAPS has 12 subsidiaries and more than 30 distributors worldwide. RAPS supplies the leading manufacturers of the food and meat processing industries, catering, retail and butcher shops. As a business to business partner we offer - as well as our standard seasoning blends - tailor-made seasonings and concepts. RAPS has the largest flavour laboratory in Europe and customers are welcome to visit RAPS. On Tallinn Food Fair 2009.a. AS Veikand intoduced product range Clean Label  . This range contents spices, blends, ingredients without E- numbers. Products, based only natural ingerdients, are designed for producing all traditional meat products: frankfurters, small sausages, cooked sausages, hams, smoked products etc. Unique composition of ingerdients helps to produce meat products without sodiumnitrite. This range is very succesful and now is lot of new products launched in Estonia. Look also  media release  about Food Fair 2009. RAPS website : Info, recepies, prices, samples etc.: please fcontact Anita, Leelo or Andrus from Veikand!


Since 2005 we are distributor of german spiceblends and marinades producer Raps. There is wide range of different marinades avalaible, most of them are warehoused in Pärnu. Marinades are in liquid or dry form. Liquid marinades are packed into 2,5 or 5 kilos buckets. There are oil, oil and water emulsions and water based marinades avalaible. Dry marinades are packed into 1 kilos sachets and you can use them in the dry form or mix with water and oil yourself. Here you can find and print more info about marinades. For more info please visit Raps homepage or contact with Veikand AS.

Bread crumbs

Breads crumbs is very popular ingredient in many food recepies. Product description: Breadcrumb 4096 is produced by using wheat flour, water, salt,vegetable oil, yeast and paprica powder. Breadcrumb 4096 is used by producing many meat products to get better texture, yield and to keep moisture in the product. No GMO components. Product is white- brownish, neutral aroma and taste is typical for white bread. Usage: Breadcrumb 4096 take 3,6 – 3,9 part of water in recepies. Figures: Moisture 8 – 10 % Density 380 – 450 g/l Salt content: 1,4 – 1,6% Energy 337,6 kcal/1438,4 kJ Fat content 1,7 g/100g Protein content 10,5 g/100g Fibre content 3,7 g/100g Storage: Keep closed bags in dry place. Best before: find from package. Package: 20 kg plastic bags 600 kg/ 30 bags on the pallet Producer: Kerry Ingredients GmbH

Starter cultures

AS Veikand is the official representer of one of world leader in additives production- Danisco A/S. Culture gives to product unique taste and texture. At the same time it keep products from spoilage. Some cultures- probiotics- have got positive effect on our organism and health. We can offer you cultures in three different forms- frozen, freeze-dried and liquid. Danisco cultures can be divided like this: - Mesophilic cultures->CHOOZIT range. Cultures range, that has cultures for cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese and curd production. More information you can get  here. - Termophilic cultures->YO-MIX range. Many possibilities to produce fresh fermented products (yoghurt) with different consistence and taste. Precise introduction opens here. In January 2011 A/S Danisco introduces new more forgiving YO-MIX™ yogurt culture. Danisco has developed YO-MIX™ yogurt cultures with the ability to meet the need for a culture that produces mild acidification during storage. This has been seen as a major issue all over the world for yogurt producers, as the yogurt will have a different sensory profile at the beginning and end of the shelf life. Read more here! - Probiotic cultures-> HOWARU Premium Probiotics. Danisco has a selection of probiotics, that will do good to your health. We have got to offer many different types. Please take a look also at - Shelf life extending cultures->HOLDBAC cultures. Cultures, that prevent dairy product from spoilage and pathogens. Those are natural cultures. There are Holdbac cultures for fresh fermented products, cheese and meat products.


We offer wide range of soya products for food industries. -Textured soya meal: popular product in meatballs and other products. Producer Cargill. -Soya meal: for cooked products and semi smoked sausages.  Producer Cargill. - Soya isolate: we import ourselves directly from China high quality soya isolate. Ask for price offer!


AS Veikand represents in Estonia Switzerland company Firmenich flavours. We have wide range of flavours to beverages, backery, ice cream and dairy products as well as to confectionary and culinary products. We have got flavour profiles from juicy and fresh to strong and spicy. Firmenich has got mostly naturalbut also synthetical flavours. Those are availabe in liquid, powder or encapsulated powder form. Firmenich is market leader for encapsulated flavour solutions-Durarome and Flexarome. In those products flavour oils are embedded in a water soluable carbohydrate matrix, which brings a longer shelf life and stability. Durarome encapsulated powders have got very good soluability and they keep constant flavour profile. Flexarome is appreciated, because when you mix it with sensitive products (like juice), then flavour stays stable and at the same time encapsulated powders are resistant to heating and moisture. Every month Firmenich works out new consept of flavour. You can take look at it, please kontact Kerli Mathiesen, responsible sales manager in AS Veikand. Whatever taste you are looking for- we can make it perfect!




Characteristics / advatages

Important values

Potato starch Bakery, dairy, meat products and also culinary. Very good solubility in cold water. High viscosity. Gives even transparent gel. Gives good cutting properties to sausage. Gives good shape. Neutral taste.
Maize starch Bakery, dairy, meat products and also culinary.  And also in beverages and food preparations. Short gel texture. Opaque gel. Relatively high viscosity. Easy dispersion in cold water. Bulk density 670 g/l
Malto dextrin Bakery, dairy, meat products and also culinary. Moderately water soluable. High viscosity in solution. Very low sweetness. Very low hygroscopicity. Very low mono- and disaccharide content. Bulk density 550 g/l
Modified starch Soups, sauces, pasteurised desserts, pies and pasta products. Very high viscosity. Smooth/even creamy texture. Very high water binding capacity. Very good transparency. Very good stability in high temperatures (heating). Resistant to high temperature in different pH level solutions. Bulk density 650 g/ l

Other ingredients

Fibrex-we offer natural fibre, that is produced from sugar beet. It is natural product, that is produced in former Dansico plant in South- Sweden. We offer this product in four different size, starting from powder and end with granule. Fibrex for bakery: -extends shelf life -increases outcome -gives softness -increases fiber content -improves texture - decreases pieces removal Fibrex using in meatproduct and half-finished food gives juicyness, texture and increases yield.   Thickeners- hydrocolloids. Additives, that stabilise products and give to product thick texture or gel. All thickeners arewater soluable polysaccharides with a highly functional effect at low dosages. Those product are also perfect to stabilise and protect proteins. We offer Danisco hydrocolloids as monocomponents, but also as ready multicomponent compositions. The purpose of those products is to quarantee end products thicker/ creamy texture and consistency. Our hydrocolloids are made of high quality raw material. Available are following monocomponents based products: - Alginates - Guar gum E412 - Carrageenan E40 - Locust bean gum E410 - Xanthan gum E415 - Pectin E440 Antimicrobials- we have offer to you antimicrobials, that kill or inhibit unwished microorganisms in food, without effecting other food properties (taste, consistency etc). Danisco has got wide range of natural and also synthetical antimicrobials, that quarantee longer shelf life. Those products are suitable for beverage, dairy and meat products as well as for culinary products. More info about the oppurtunities please ask from Veikand AS!